June 20, 2012


Greetings Music Families,

     As the 2012-2013 school year approaches we are making every effort to get organized for the upcoming events sponsored by the music department and the Sauk Prairie Music Association (SPMA).  We are fortunate that music remains in the school district budget, however without the support of the general membership of SPMA, our children would not have the wonderful music opportunities that Sauk Prairie High School is able to provide.

     As you know your child is assessed fees to participate in these music events.  These fees cover actual expenses for trips such as busses, hotels, food, etc. However, the fees you are charged are not enough to cover all expenses. SPMA provides two types of fundraising. Student Account Fundraisers allow students to raise money to offset their individual fees and General SPMA Fundraisers raise funds for the general SPMA account.

 Student Account Fundraisers. These fundraisers help cover your child’s actual bill.  The money raised from these fundraisers is deposited directly into your child’s personal SPMA account and applied to your invoice.  You may participate in as many Student Account Fundraisers as you choose. You will receive information regarding these fundraisers via emails and monthly SPMA meetings.

General Fundraisers.  These fundraisers raise the additional $35,000 required to maintain the current programs and to avoid charging a higher activity fee. This money covers additional staffing for marching band and show choirs, costumes, uniforms, equipment, scholarships and dozens of minor items provided by the program. The success of these fundraisers requires your help. *Please note, if a single volunteer works the SPMA concession stand at 4 Badger Football games, they will have their $100.00 participation fee waived for either band or chorus. Chairpersons of certain fundraisers will also receive a participation fee waiver. (See fundraiser booklet for details)


     In addition to your financial support, we do expect each family to volunteer for at least 3 General Fundraisers.  If you are unable to participate in these events yourself, you may volunteer aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters or your friends! It is one of the few occasions where you can have fun and be directly involved with your child’s high school activities!

     Please click on this link to see the fundraiser booklet explaining all of the SPMA fundraisers.  Please take a moment to review the list of fundraisers and let us know in which events you would like o participate.  We ask that you return this completed form (click for form) to the band or chorus rooms, mail or email back to SPMA. Some events will be starting very soon so please return the form as quickly as possible to insure being included in the events that work best on your calendar. The fundraising chairperson will contact you regarding the details of your chosen events and the actual sign-up.


Once again we thank you for choosing to make music a part of your child’s education and for the continued success of this wonderful program.



 The SPMA Officers and Board of Directors